What is Hemiplegia?

Hemiplegia (hemi = half of; plegia = paralysis), because the call indicates, literally method paralysis of half of of the frame. If there's muscle weak spot without paralysis, it's miles termed hemiparesis. consequently, hemiplegia impacts simplest one facet of the frame, commonly affecting the arms and legs, but from time to time the symptoms also can involve the torso. Hemiplegia can arise suddenly, or broaden slowly.


A spastic hemiplegia is a form of hemiplegia that reasons muscle contractures, which results in a lack of muscle manipulation, persistent muscle ache, and aberrant moves. Hemiplegia is frequently related to mind damage or head injury. much like different varieties of paralysis, hemiplegia reveals massive loss of sensation and control inside the affected components of the frame, which is often observed through intermittent pain.

Physiotherapy for Hemiplegia

Physiotherapy will promote normal movement and improve function on the affected side of the body which will increase independence with daily tasks. Physiotherapy at Physio.co.uk for hemiplegia may involve:

  • Repetitive practice of functional tasks with the affected arm to stimulate motor pathways and improve upper limb function.

  • Active and passive range of movement exercises to strengthen muscles in the arm leg and trunk and relieve pain and stiffness.

  • Weight bearing exercises with the affected upper limb

  • Gait retraining with or without the use of aids

  • Practicing transfers such as getting in and out of bed, on and off toilet, up and down stairs to promote independence

  • Exercises to improve core stability and balance

  • Advice on orthotic devices

  • Advice on the Saebo flex to maximise support of the hand and the Saebo stretch to increase range of movement, which will enhance ability with dressing, eating or washing.

An initial assessment with one of our specialised physiotherapists at Physio.co.uk will identify your main problems and develop a structured rehabilitation program suited to you. This will ensure that you reach your maximum potential and improve your independence with functional activities important to you.